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Limo Driver Was Courteous and on Time Going to the Airport.  We Were Told We Would Have a Town Car and If They Had It Available the Limo Would Show up.  We Were Pleasantly Surprised.  When We Came Back from Our Vacation We Had the Town Car. A Car Cannot Just Appear Out of Thin Air.  O’Hare Doesn’t Allow You to Wait Curbside If You Are a Livery so I Totally Get This.  Drivers Are Great and They Don’t Engage You Unless You Engage Them First.

Clean New Cars and Prompt Pickup.  I Appreciated the Driver’s Ability to Get a Stretch Limo through Rush Hour Traffic on a Friday Night, but It Unnerved Three of Our Six Passengers.  A Booking Error for One of Our Four Excursions Was Immediately Corrected and Emailed in Advance along with an Apology.  The Final SUV Contract Ride from the Loop to the Airport Included Some Confusion about Payment at the Drop off, with the Driver Not Knowing It Was a Pre-paid Ride.  This Same Driver Was a Prince of Patience However When an Unexpected Delay of a Few Minutes Sent One of Our Three Passengers into High Anxiety.  This Is One of Those Jobs I Am Glad to Never Have, and Am Glad for Someone Else, like Ace, to Do It.

I Booked Ace for a Ride to the Airport – the Booking Process Was Painless, Didn’t Even Have to Give a Credit Card Number, and They Were Responsive to Questions via Email, Which Is Always a plus for Me.  The Car Arrived at Least 10 Minutes Early (Didn’t Charge Extra Time – I Just Happened to Look Out the Window & See He Was There), the Driver Was Very Courteous and Quiet – Always a plus since I’m Not a Morning Person.

The Car Was Nice, Clean, and Had No Weird Smells of Excessive Air Freshener or Anything Else.  He Drove Quickly and Safely in the Rain & Morning Traffic.  I Will Absolutely Use Them Again. Beautiful Car, Clean, Driver Was Ok (He Didn’t Really Say a Word but That’s Fine with Me), and He Got Us to the Airport on Time. Is It Worth $85 Instead of Paying for a Weeks of Parking, Paying More for a Cab or Taking the El, a Bus, and Then Another El… I’d Say so. Things They Could Improve on.

Calling When You’re Going to Be Late -(I Have a Big Problem with This One, Why Should I Call (Being the Customer) to Find Out Where the Driver Is. When I Say Sharp, It Means Get to Us Early and Wait Till We Come down.) Take Routes You Know That Work -Instead of Taking 90 (Which I Understand It’s Rush Hour but It Really Doesn’t Take That Long to Get to the Airport from Lawrence) He Went All around This Other Way and We Got Stuck by 3 Trains in Two Different Locations, Not Smart. Warn Your Customers If You’re Going to Drive Recklessly -If I Think That We Are Going to Be Late I’m All Cool with You Getting Crazy but at Least Give Us a Heads up. I Would Use Them Again, but I Believe in Second Chances.

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